5 Tips On How To Manage Golden Retriever Shedding

The shedding of hair by a dog is a constant problem for dog owners and when a golden retriever is shedding there is a lot of long hair everywhere you look. A responsible retriever owner will brush their dog regularly, especially during the shedding season, because not only is the hair a problem for pet owners it can become a problem for the pet as well.

Animals shed body hair in order to get rid of damaged and old hair. Growing heavier undercoat helps them to keep warm during the colder winter months but this leads to shedding excessive hair during the summer.

But not many people know that shedding of tears among dogs can also be a reason of many medical conditions such as allergies.

Even though there are various products in the market to help control shedding, you can also consider frequent brushing. Brushing not only helps the dog to get rid of excessive hair but will keep your dog’s coat healthier, cleaner and softer. Also a good regular brushing revitalizes the skin of the dog and generates good blood flow which is very healthy for the dog. Brushing is always necessary if you have kids at home, because the hairs might cause allergy among kids.

Wondering how to manage golden retriever shedding? Then here are five best tips for you to make sure that your dog remains healthy and has a better lifespan:

  1. Good quality food: It is important to include high quality food and nutrients possible in their diets because an appropriate amount of nutrients along with healthy sources of digestive protein will help them stay healthy and be away from any kind of diseases. Food like red meat, fish or poultry along with rice, vegetables, potatoes, fruits make a very good diet plan for the dog.
  2. Furminator de shedding Brush: Try to use them, as they are unbelievably effective and will make drastic changes for your golden retriever shedding. It takes off a ton of hair from the dog and the dog loves them too, resulting in a completely clean home.
  3. Anti-allergic washes: If your dog has allergies then this is the right way to go about it. An anti-allergy washes for your dog along with the use of a furminator de shedding brush and good food will slow down the shedding drastically.
  4. Stress management: Golden retriever shedding can also be a result of depression among them as a result of losing someone in the family or the extreme environmental pressures. It is important for the owner to know the mental status of the dog and help them when they are fretting.
  5. Fatty acids: Giving your dog Omega-3 which is found in fish oil, helps a lot in maintaining your dog’s health by reducing damaged or broken hair. This greatly reduces the shedding of your dog’s hair and gives your home a clean look.

Golden retriever shedding can be reduced dramatically by using the tips above and caring for your dog as part of the family. They need exercise, a very good healthy diet and lots of love and care and you will find the shedding problem can be kept under some sort of reasonable control.

Source by Kaye Dennan

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